Friday, November 05, 2004

Current Doodles

Alex, Chuch, and I have various doodles in various stages of completion going on right now. I'll give a brief overview here, but if Al and Chuch want to post with more information on their projects they can.

Al is busy with running his own business right now, but as always, he has a few creative writing projects going on.

Chuch just finished moving so he has no idea where any of his stuff is!!! Chuch wrote and illustrated (did you finish this?) a graphic novel called "Another Wizard's Tale". He is also in the process of creating a series of acrylic paintings which he hopes to debut in a gallery.

Well, like Alex, I have a bunch of ideas and concepts which I want to develop. One that I "finished" is "Emmanuel:The Musical" which had a couple of performances (2001 and 2002). There are some loose ends and orchestrations that I want to clean up with "Emmanuel" but I am not motivated right now! I have a couple of short screenplays written that I want to film. My big thing right now is filmmaking. With filmmaking I can tie in all of my interests: writing, cinematography, editing, effects, animation, sound and music.

==>Big Ink 'n Doodles project
Alex and Rob have created a concept and first episode script for an action/drama series called "Cloak and Dagger". Stay Tuned!

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