Friday, November 05, 2004

Cloak and Dagger - Credits

Here's the cast and crew so far...

Ink 'n Doodles Creative workshop presents:

Cloak and Dagger
Episode One
"Let the Games Begin"

Created by: Alex Tuñón and Rob Suárez
Executive Producers: Jesus Areces, Rob Suárez and Alex Tuñón
Directed by: Rob Suárez
Storyboards by: Jesus Areces

(Alphabetical Order)
Andrew Areces as Cloak/ Mark Rogers
Brendan Areces as Dagger/ Johnny Rogers
Jesus "Chuch" Areces as Steve Rogers
Frank Fuentes as Ivan Aitoro
Tim Herko as Tim Herko
Ana Suárez as Elisa Montgomery
Danny Suárez as Tony Diaz
Alex Tuñón as Joe Rogers
Nestor Ventura as Dr. Isaac Hartman

not cast yet:
News Cameraman
School Basketball Team

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