Friday, November 05, 2004

Cloak and Dagger - Pre-Production

Here is a bunch of stuff that we need to do/get/build during the pre-production phase:

Camera Tests
-day for night
-"film look"
-screen test of all actors

Equipment Needed
-DV camera
-media (tape)
-camera stabilizer (I have the parts, I just have to assemble and test)
-boom mic and boom
-xlr input for cam? Sony MiniDisc recording?
-green screen setup
-Alam DV (effects)
-Chromanator (chromakey)

-main title
-cityscapes (for flyby's and establishing shots)
-Digital Sets: urban scenes, control rooms, etc...
-digital stunt doubles
-"cloak" effect
-"dagger" effect

Costumes and Props
-Cloak costume
-Dagger costume
-determine "look" of all characters
-security guard uniform
-various technical and "spy" gadgets
-Guns for the bad guys
-reporter's microphone

-Get everybody involved together for a reading of the script and to go through the storyboards
-finish storyboards
-set-up a page on
-set-up a store for fundraising
-Inventory of equipment at St. B studio

I am sure that there are a hundred other things to get done... but we'll figure that out as we go along!

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