Monday, November 08, 2004

Oh no! Another Project!!!

Ouch! I've done it again! I have started yet another project.

I came across NaNoBlogMo at and was apparently deluded into thinking that I can write a novel in a month! Like as if I have the time! Anyway, undeterred by my own rational thinking, I have plunged in head first and have started to write "Murder by Design". That's the working title anyway. Or maybe "The Kiev Conspiracy".

Check it out at the link below the title.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Cloak and Dagger - Credits

Here's the cast and crew so far...

Ink 'n Doodles Creative workshop presents:

Cloak and Dagger
Episode One
"Let the Games Begin"

Created by: Alex Tuñón and Rob Suárez
Executive Producers: Jesus Areces, Rob Suárez and Alex Tuñón
Directed by: Rob Suárez
Storyboards by: Jesus Areces

(Alphabetical Order)
Andrew Areces as Cloak/ Mark Rogers
Brendan Areces as Dagger/ Johnny Rogers
Jesus "Chuch" Areces as Steve Rogers
Frank Fuentes as Ivan Aitoro
Tim Herko as Tim Herko
Ana Suárez as Elisa Montgomery
Danny Suárez as Tony Diaz
Alex Tuñón as Joe Rogers
Nestor Ventura as Dr. Isaac Hartman

not cast yet:
News Cameraman
School Basketball Team

Cloak and Dagger - Pre-Production

Here is a bunch of stuff that we need to do/get/build during the pre-production phase:

Camera Tests
-day for night
-"film look"
-screen test of all actors

Equipment Needed
-DV camera
-media (tape)
-camera stabilizer (I have the parts, I just have to assemble and test)
-boom mic and boom
-xlr input for cam? Sony MiniDisc recording?
-green screen setup
-Alam DV (effects)
-Chromanator (chromakey)

-main title
-cityscapes (for flyby's and establishing shots)
-Digital Sets: urban scenes, control rooms, etc...
-digital stunt doubles
-"cloak" effect
-"dagger" effect

Costumes and Props
-Cloak costume
-Dagger costume
-determine "look" of all characters
-security guard uniform
-various technical and "spy" gadgets
-Guns for the bad guys
-reporter's microphone

-Get everybody involved together for a reading of the script and to go through the storyboards
-finish storyboards
-set-up a page on
-set-up a store for fundraising
-Inventory of equipment at St. B studio

I am sure that there are a hundred other things to get done... but we'll figure that out as we go along!

Current Doodles

Alex, Chuch, and I have various doodles in various stages of completion going on right now. I'll give a brief overview here, but if Al and Chuch want to post with more information on their projects they can.

Al is busy with running his own business right now, but as always, he has a few creative writing projects going on.

Chuch just finished moving so he has no idea where any of his stuff is!!! Chuch wrote and illustrated (did you finish this?) a graphic novel called "Another Wizard's Tale". He is also in the process of creating a series of acrylic paintings which he hopes to debut in a gallery.

Well, like Alex, I have a bunch of ideas and concepts which I want to develop. One that I "finished" is "Emmanuel:The Musical" which had a couple of performances (2001 and 2002). There are some loose ends and orchestrations that I want to clean up with "Emmanuel" but I am not motivated right now! I have a couple of short screenplays written that I want to film. My big thing right now is filmmaking. With filmmaking I can tie in all of my interests: writing, cinematography, editing, effects, animation, sound and music.

==>Big Ink 'n Doodles project
Alex and Rob have created a concept and first episode script for an action/drama series called "Cloak and Dagger". Stay Tuned!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Mission Statement

Ink 'n Doodles Creative Workshop is a means through which our friends and family can have an outlet for their creative endeavors. Members of Ink 'n Doodles are available to help each other and provide a creative and positive environment for the nurturing of everyone's God given creative spirit.

Monday, November 01, 2004

I was talking with Alex last night and we were discussing how we really want to get this going, but it is difficult to schedule the time to get it done. I mentioned that my problem was getting people to show up for a taping session... to which he answered, "Well you have yet to schedule one!" Ouch! The truth hurts!

We both agreed that the best way to get people committed to this was to get them excited about it... and the best way to get them excited about it was to let them start to see progress in the production. Even if it is test scenes, short segments, logos, whatever. I guess that it is like momentum... it is hard to get started but once you do - watch out!

Friday, October 29, 2004

Great! This will be sort of our production diary. Hopefully as we get more involved this will get populated more. Chuch, feel free to post on here your thoughts, blocks, successes with regards to your painting project. If you don't mind, I would also like to post images of the paintings you've done so far.

Anyway, as far as C&D, I was thinking that maybe we should pick choice scenes from the episode and try to spit out a trailer as fast as we can... even if those shots wind up getting redone later, at least it will be good experience and will finally get everyone involved.

Let me know what you think and when we can get together to hash this out!
O.K. I'm in!!!

Hello everyone! This is a new feature of Ink 'N Doodles Creative Workshop. In this web-log (BLOG) ink 'n doodles members will be able to post their latest "doodles".
Stay tuned!